Yemeni Americans against COVID-19

Yemeni Americans against Covid-19

The Yemeni American community launched a donation campaign from various states. It aims to help Coronavirus pandemic victims from the Yemeni American people, the American community in general, and the Yemenis partially. The initiative’s sponsors work in the charitable and relief sector and are part of most Yemeni American community service, professionals, community activists, leaders, and business people organizations. They include Pure Hands, Yemen Aid, International Council for Relief and Development ICRD, and Generous Hands.

We plead with people from all races and religions include our own Americans, Yemenis, Arabs, Muslims, and Christians to donate to this creative and meaningful humanitarian work. Through your generous giving, God will bless you abundantly.

Beneficiaries of the Initiative

  1. Affected families who are not part of the American welfare and insurance system will get money and in-kind assistance.
  2. Contributing and volunteering in America in all possible ways.
  3. Families of the covid-19 victims- the covid-19 patient will receive support, for instance, paying their medical bills. Besides, in case a patient dies, their family will receive help from the initiative.
  4. Awareness- the resources raised will help in creating Covid-19 awareness in its different phases. As a result, people will take precautions and help in reducing the spread.
  5. Yemenis- the people of Yemeni will also benefit from the project at large.

Through your kind donations, this campaign will target and assist three groups;

  1. Yemeni families and communities to get the necessary items to combat COVID-19, such as but not limited to PPE, hygiene kits, sanitary items, etc.
  2. US Public Hospitals and medical centers in underserved locations with donations of PPEs to protect the healthcare workers attesting Covid-19 patients.
  3. Supporting Yemenis (and the public upon request) affected by COVID-19 and dearly need assistance.

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