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The International Council for Relief and Development (ICRD) (Former International Council for Rights and Relief (ICRR)is an international non-profit relief organization. The ICRD was established to support societies that suffer from marginalization and socio-economic depravity.   These include the most vulnerable populations which include victims of wars, armed conflicts, natural disasters, diseases, and famine in both their countries of origin and countries of the establishment. 

The ICRD aims to help develop and build societies on the basis of peaceful coexistence without discriminating based on race, color, religion, disability, or marital status. 


To provide humanitarian relief assistance to the most vulnerable populations and contribute to human and economic development especially the most socio-economically disadvantaged and under-represented people 


Help societies to achieve economic and social stabilization by reducing poverty, starvation and disease with justice, equality, and dignity.

ICRD Goals

Big changes are caused by small help


Provide humanitarian relief and development services to the most vulnerable populations.


Partner with local, regional and international NGOs to achieve common goals in humanitarian relief and human development.

Since 2014

Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

Yemen has been in constant civil war which has led to the worst humanitarian crisis. Out of the 24 million population, close to 20 million require humanitarian assistance. The situation is even worse because the high number of those that need support are children. How does the situation look like?
After more than 7 years of civil unrest, which started due to political conflicts, the condition in Yemen has gone from bad to worse. The coronavirus has even made life more difficult. Most hospitals had already closed down and healthcare workers are working under deplorable conditions. Apart from poor sanitation and lack of medical supplies, the medics have been working without salaries or incentives.
After coronavirus struck, most countries reduced their aid to Yemen. In 2020, humanitarian organizations were only able to cater for half of the population that require assistance.


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You can help to ease the humanitarian crisis in Yemen through your donation to International Council for Relief and Development. We have worked for years with other organizations to eradicate hunger and starvation. Children are in dire need of your assistance which will go a long way to feed the population.