Water Supply

Difficult to supply water to some regions.

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Water Supply

Yemen is one of the countries that have a shortage in the water supply. According to the Guardian, 50% of the Yemeni population struggle daily to find or buy enough clean water to drink or to grow food. That makes 14.7 million Yemenis depend on humanitarian aid to keep them healthy and alive. The high population increase and unregulated agricultural activities are some of the causes of the water crisis in Yemen. The country has also faced unprecedented climatic changes.

Our objective is not only to increase access to water but safe water. Unclean water can cause diseases like cholera and typhoid which can siphon the resources off the marginalized. Water is life. Through the resource, we can keep animals and grow crops for sustainable livelihoods. There is also a need for collaborative effort between the government and communities to increase water harvesting.

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Our Objective

Water to Communities

The objective of International Council for Relief and Development is to ensure provision of water to communities in Yemen. Although we can’t control the rain, we can make water reservoirs to store water when there is access. Long term solutions such as agricultural wells and pipe the water into towns are also on our radar. We educate people on water management and its impact on water availability.

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You can be part of the solution to the Yemen water shortage. Through your donation, we can put up boreholes or dams to support Yemen and other regions. Be the person to bring life into another person’s life.