The launch of the diagnostic charity clinic in Al Dhale’e

The Launch of the Diagnostic Charity Clinic in Al Dhale’e

We set up a diagnostic clinic funded by expatriates from the people of Al-Dhalea and philanthropists. The center was under the auspices of the International Council for Relief and Development (ICRD) and the International Council for Rights and Freedoms. Another stakeholder in the project is Traham Charitable Foundation. Mr. Kamal Obaid Hussain, the representative of Al-Dhalea governorate for directorates affairs, inaugurated the diagnostic charitable clinic project. The local authority in the governorate encourages such projects that will contribute to alleviating part of the suffering of the citizens.

For his part, Mr. Abdul Hakim Al-Ghariri, representative of the International Council for Relief and Development, stressed the continuation of efforts to carry out such a project. He also stressed the importance of standing side by side and intensifying efforts to implement projects with a tangible impact for society.
In addition, Mr. Ayed Mahmoud bin Mahmoud, Director of Associations and Federations at the Office of Social Affairs and Labor, expressed the support of the Social Affairs and Labor Office for this vital project. The diagnostic clinic will benefit a wide segment of society.

Professor Khaled Ahmed Abbadi, President of the Tarahm Foundation, explained that the project provides the diagnostic clinic service for patients with kidney failure, cancer, and liver, who are registered with the institution for free. The facility will provide the services at nominal prices to all citizens.

The International Relief and Development Council provided the DC-60 Ultrasound device to the charity clinic, at a cost of 24,500 US dollars.
The inauguration was attended by Dr. Muhammad Qanan, a nephrologist and Professor Muhammad Saif Ali, the well-known social figure. Other attendees are Professor Iyad Muhammad Muqbel, Secretary General of the Traham Foundation, and several social figures in Al-Dhalea Governorate.

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