Shipment arrived in Taiz Althawra Hospital

Shipment of medical equipment and supplies are transported from Aden up Taiz and delivered to the Althawra General Hospital Authority and here we are in The International Council for Relief and Development ICRD may have accomplished what we have promised and we have undertaken and endured transportation costs and other fully in order to be honest with those who trusted us from the donors and the rest depends on the Hospital Authority and the committee formed in Taiz in order to distribute in excess of the hospital need to government hospitals there. How will the process go we hope Brotherhood doers of good and those in charge of the operation are careful as much as possible to do good to those who deserve citizens and we hope that the state of chaos does not affect their performance.

It should not interfere with those who did not submit any contribution from outside the representatives of the ICRD and the General Hospital Authority in Taiz and the committee in charge in advance or entrust the task to him officially by us.

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