Medical Supplies and Equipment for Yehar General Hospital

Yehar General Hospital

The International Council of Relief and Development has continued its clarion call to eradicate disease among the Yemeni at this time of crisis. In our effort to fulfill this mandate we partner with other organizations to ensure the better healthcare in a country marred with civil unrest.

In 2020, the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD,in cooperation with World Medical Relief WMR in Michigan and the immigrants from Yafa in the state of Michigan, sent an integrated container to Yehar General Hospital in Yafa. The move was in continuation of the modest effort to support public hospitals that serve citizens. The Yemeni Lahj governorate received the consignment containing equipment, devices and medical supplies. The estimated value of the aid is around $0.5 million according to the certificates of origin from the donors.

How Will the Medical Supplies Impact Service Provision?

Though small, the donation has a large impact on the local community. After the devastating effects of Corona virus, many families in Yemen are ravaging in poor health due to lack of supplies. The medical equipment and devices will boost the diagnosis and treatment process in Yehar General Hospital.

According to the United Nations, Yemen needed close to $2.5 billion in 2020 to manage the situation. However, the organization could manage slightly above half of the amount. It is through this realization that other NGOs should play a role to help the locals with basic medical supplies. Hospitals are running out of drugs and medical workers go without incentives or even salaries.

Thanks to our donors, funders, and receivers because without your contribution, it would be difficult to make any impact. The International Council for Relief and Development (ICRD) reaffirms that it will continue to provide its possible services to any region in Yemen. You can also be part of this


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