Marginal People

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Marginal People

According to Yemen’s official statistics, the number of marginalized “Akhdam”  is estimated between 500,000 and 3,500,000. They are vulnerable to preventable diseases because of poverty and unsanitary living conditions. The death rate from preventable diseases within this under-representative group is worse than the nationwide average in Yemen. Furthermore, many marginalized children suffer from diseases such as dyspnoea, malaria and polio, and the death rate is high.

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Marginal People

Our Mission

In the face of extreme societal discrimination, the marginalized people are forced to work menial and dirty jobs such as sweeping, shoe-making and the cleaning of latrines, vocations for which they are still known to this day. Those who are unemployed, most of whom are women, usually resort to begging in the streets.

During 2014- 2021, the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD launched distribution of the food baskets to the marginalized and displaced persons in many areas.
ICRD still supports the development efforts to raise awareness of the harsh financial and social situations.

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