It has been doing the job to the fullest

With the help of Allah Almighty and thanks to the good people of the Sons of the Yemeni American community and the efforts of the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD Volunteers in both the United States and the Republic of Yemen, the Council was able to achieve its first relief operation in Yemen, which included four stages in the capital Sana’a and the governorates of Amran and Ibb .

During these stages, more than 200 food baskets were distributed successfully to marginalized and displaced families in spite of the modest and limited number, but it was marked by targeting the neediest and forgotten, as the displaced families from Taiz to rural areas of Ibb remote for the first time receive humanitarian aid by charities and this is what distinguishes ICRF work and the work of his crew of qualified and fair-minded volunteers.
The ICRD focuses its activity these days on relief work that the people’s needs in light of the wars to the Food and Drug occupy a top priority of the rights and freedoms and the fact that the most important right is the right to exist and which violates during wars maniacally when the institutions of the state absent and exposed the mechanism of the human rights and humanitarian work become a subject to the marginalization and harassment.
The ICRD calls upon all philanthropists to provide support to the needy and promises everyone is that it will continue to deliver its donations and continue its activity in all honesty to those who deserve it in the region in the Republic of Yemen. The Holy month of Ramadhan is on the doors and who has the desire to bring anything in the name of God Almighty we are ready to deliver it to those who deserve it.

Thanks to donors and thank you to the volunteers and May Allah reward all.

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