ICRD Press release: Medical equipment & supplies shipment to Taiz

“Sense of it humanitarian and moral duty to help civilians in conflicts and wars areas to get food and medicine as the first right of man to survive the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD with the task of the search for a volunteer charity who can provide any subsidy in the medical side whether drugs or devices or any other medical supplies in favor of public hospitals in the province of Taiz in Yemen, which suffers from an acute shortage of everything as a result of the war over there for a year and a half ago and is still a strongly raging, which led to the closure of many hospitals and depriving civilians of basic medical services of various kinds (a total value of nearly half a million dollars).

In the context of the search for a donor, the World Medical Relief was the first choice, which located in the city of Southfield, state of Michigan USA that provided container size forty feet contain a whole number of medical devices and beds for screening processes and some special supplies for first aid and emergency, accidents and cylinders of oxygen and some special handicapped and injured needs and others. We’ve been mobilized and the preparation of the container to be sent by sea freight to Yemen on a journey process that could take more than five weeks and we hope to be content with a useful value to the people of Taiz civilians.

At a time when we express higher thanks to the World Medical Relief for donating to this container for Yemen in General and Taiz in particular, we extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Adnan Hammad, President and CEO the Global Health Foundation for his unlimited cooperation with us by working with World Medical relief in Michigan and on the advice and counseling, as well as in the search for sources of funding for this container expenses.
At the same time we thank charitable and professional organizations that provided us with financial support to cover the fees and transportation expenses such as (NAMA) , Pure Hands and the bridges foundation.

Also, we thank the people of the Yemeni American and Arab American community from different social groups for a generous cash donations to cover the container expenses. We also, thank the members of the Board of Trustees and administrative staff of the ICRF and all its members and supporters for their efforts in the context of the process and the generous donations as well as volunteers from the community from various US states.
This is a first shipment that will be followed by other deliveries to Dali, Hodeidah, Aden, Sanaa and other affected areas.

We assure everyone that we will continue to monitor the shipment process (that took place on July 29th and arrive over there around September 8th) , access and distribution over there in collaboration with a team of volunteers in Taiz province until the task is completed and God bless. ”

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