ICRD launches food baskets distribution for Marginalized in Al-Dalea

The Intrnational Council for Relief and Development ICRD was launched with funding from the Yemeni American Relief Committee represented by the Organization of Pure Hands in Yemen, the second phase of the distribution of the food basket to the marginalized and displaced persons, which started distributing 183 food baskets in Dalea province on Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 7 of current August .
Distribution of these baskets for marginalized families most in need in the gathering centers in the city of Dalea and and it and for some of the families in the pool Sanah-Qattbah as part of a comprehensive national campaign to help this group of Yemeni citizens( margialized) which is characterized by a high rate of poverty and unemployment in their midst comes not to mention the absence of the profession as a result of the scarcity of education or lack thereof.
This category also no members of expatriates and traders and employees in higher jobs own capital and high incomes, who can provide material aid to the rest of them. ICRD has focused his interests in providing relief primarily on these absent and disadvantaged group in society.

We extend our thanks to the Yemeni American Relief Committee and the Pure Hands for financing this event  and to all who contributed and volunteered for the success of this project of the ICRD and other volunteers

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