ICRD Launched Food Baskets Project for Marginalized and Displaced in Yemen

The International Council For Relief and Development ICRD launched a relief campaign for the families of the marginalized and displaced in both Ibb and Sana’a in Yemen. Where sixty-five food baskets were distributed in the rural area of Al Udayn for residing families and families displaced of the city of Taiz.
Thanks to the Yemeni brothers residing in the American states of Michigan and Tennessee who offer donations for the relief of these families and also like to thank the team for the ICRDF in the United States and Yemen for their efforts in this aspect.

The ICRD also in collaboration with Pure Hands organization has distributed nearly fifty-food basket to the marginalized and displaced families in Sanaa and in this regard we thank the Pure Hands team for collaboration and we assure that we will continue to offer what we can for our people in Yemen in a difficult time and, accordingly, we call upon all philanthropists to provide assistance and we ready for delivery to those who deserve it and will give a formal bonds are also used for the tax exemption for those who wanted.
And our information will be in the hands of the donors and others to make sure that the arrival of donations to those who deserve

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