ICRD and Yemen Aid distribute food baskets in Damet

On February 6, 2019, Mr. Salim Ali Al-Halimi, Director General of Damet and Saleh Al-Mawgari, Director General of Qataba Directorate, launched with the representatives of supporting organizations the International Council for Relief and Development (ICRD) and Yemen Aid YA,Dr. Ahmed Saleh Al Sabari and Mr. Ala Mohammed Omar in Al-Jabara school in Moris area in Qataba district, north of Dalea governorate launched distribution of 800 food baskets to needy families.

The launch of the distribution of baskets of food provided by the ICRD and Yemen Aid USA today at the Jabbara School in Moris area in the Directorate of Qatuba in the presence of a number of leaders of the authorities and beneficiaries of humanitarian assistance, where the Director General of the District of Damt talked at the outset of the inauguration of representatives of the organizations in advance and thankful for its efforts and assistance to the displaced, urging them to redouble their efforts to provide more humanitarian and relief assistance because of its importance and the need to fill even a small part of the displaced people.

In the same context, he gave a detailed explanation on the situation of the displaced and the number of displaced persons who were displaced from Damet Directorate to Qatuba Directorate, as well as other areas. He called for more efforts to alleviate their suffering in addition to supporting poor families. Which is led by the leadership of the local authority in the province represented by Lt. Colonel Ali Muqbel Saleh, the governor of the province of Dalea, which pays great attention to follow up the situation of the displaced and follow up the provision of the needs of displaced people from Damet in the districts of the Directorate of Qutba and the province and even those in other provinces.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed al-Sabari said that the assistance comes after continuous work and is preceded by a result with the local authorities in the District of Damet and Qatoba, stressing at the same time the importance of delivering food baskets to the beneficiaries away from the hands that try to prejudice the entitlements of the displaced so that the organizations can provide humanitarian assistance to the largest number of displaced persons.
It is worth mentioning that the distribution of relief aid in the Directorate of the old Damet and displaced in the northern outskirts of the Directorate, which is under the control of the other party, according to statements made by the Director General of the Directorate of Damet.

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