ICRD and Pure Hands contributed to Dorian relief fund

ICRD and Pure Hands Contribution to Dorian Relief Fund

The International Council for Relief and Development (ICRD) and Pure Hands joined other well-wishers to donate to the Hurricane Dorian Relief and Recovery Fund. The Dorian Hurricane was a severe category 5 Atlantic hurricane that hit the Bahamas in 2019. It left more than 70,000 people homeless and swept most structures to the sea. Besides, 84 people lost their lives while 245 went missing.
The areas which were affected by the disaster included;

  1. The Bahamas (Abaco Islands and Grand Bahamas)
  2. Eastern United States (Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina)
  3.  Eastern Canada
  4.  Lesser Antilles
  5.  Puerto.

ICRD came to rescue the hurricane’s victims greatly through the donations made by the Yemeni American community. Also, the Pure Hands Organization provided a corresponding amount for the same purpose through the ICRD. The Bahamas charity organization helping the survivors received the contributions. The two were part of the $3,500,000 fundraising campaigns to help the affected families. Although the amount was not enough, its moral value towards the needy was significant.

The Role of the Relied Fund

Through the money raised by ICRD, Pure Hand Organization and other well-wishers, the victims got supplies such as food, water, shelter, fuel, and medicine. In 2020, the donations were used to rebuild homes, livelihoods, and communities in Abaco and Grand Bahamas. This was to give hope to the survivors and help them start their lives again.

Also, the victims received psycho-social care, emotional rebuilding, and physical care through donations. This was to help them recover from the depression and trauma of loss and grief they went through during the hurricane. Lastly, the donations helped local communities’ empowerment to handle future challenges that might arise.

The donations from ICRD and Pure Hands Organizations are a sign of love to the survivors. It was received with a heart of gratitude, and may God bless the organizations abundantly.

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