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The Charitable Campaign to rehabilitate and develop the Hospital of Martyr Ali Abdulmughni in Wadi Bana , Ibb Governorate , Republic of Yemen
A brief summary about the Hospital: The Hospital named after the martyr, Ali Abdul-Mughni, is a governmental Hospital that located in the central region of Yemen and considered as one of the most important Hospitals in Yemen. It provides the services to more than seven hundred thousand citizens in Al-Saddah, Al-Nadirah, Al-Shair, and the neighboring regions. The Hospital is severely neglected during the last six years of war till it almost completely abandoned. Many of the Yemeni people who live in these area were asked to rescue the Hospital. The rehabilitation process goes through three phases, the first phase is to open the Corona Virus Control Center, the second is to rehabilitate and restore its service by providing Hospital’s department with all required equipment, and the medical staff. The third phase is to expand the current building. The cost for the whole three stages is estimated by two million and three hundred thousand dollars.

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Current Building

Current building situation: The current building is dilapidated and in need of urgent repairs as it is without long-term restoration in the corridors, bathrooms, water network, sewage, examination rooms, sleep rooms, laboratory and surgery rooms, with the renovation of the whole building at a total cost estimated at fifty thousand dollars $ 50,000.
Equipment and tools: Some of the devices in the hospital are very old and broken and were not sufficient to meet the required needs. Therefore, we hardly work to cover the necessary equipment such as CT screening, heart TV scouts, digital scouts, ultrasound television sets, anesthesia device, operating table, orthopedic drill, surgical endoscope, gastroscope and straightener, oxygen laboratory, and devices in the ophthalmic and dental departments. And other devices and equipment necessary to serve customers, with an estimated cost of eight hundred fifty thousand dollars, and 850,000 dollars.

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Building expansion:

As previously mentioned, the current building is dilapidated and narrow, and areas were deducted from it for the cholera treatment center. There is an expand in the population in the area which makes its extension as a mandatory to keep service for the whole area. We are trying to provide the largest number of beds and expand the hospital sections and add new ones. This stage will be the last, and engineers are still working on preparing it technically and estimating its final cost.
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The ICRD aims to contribute to develop societies on the basis of peaceful coexistence and acceptance regardless of their beliefs, culture, color and full understanding of the importance of positive practice in rights and duties. The ICRD is particularly interested in developing socially and economically marginalized communities, regardless of where they are.

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