Health protective materials distributed in IBB Governorate

Health Protective Materials Distributed in Ibb Governorate

Corona virus has ravaged all the countries without discrimination. Those facing civil war like Yemen have had a hard time to deal with the pandemic because the resources available are scarce and strained. Health care workers have had to put their lives at risk, in some instances, to cater for patients. The call to supply protective equipment to Yemeni health workers is more than ever before. As International Council of Relief and Development (ICRD), we have heeded to this call.  

We complemented the (Ma’an-Together) initiative project in distributing Corona virus prevention materials to some specialized centers in Yemen. The share of the Ibb governorate was handed over as the last payment in this initiative that was funded by the good people of the honorable community. May God reward them a thousand good.

Dealing with a Crisis within a Crisis

After the outbreak of Covid-19, some health care workers migrated to other countries to scamper for safety. The immigration led to a shortage of health workers in Yemeni. Consequently, the doctors and nurses had to attend to a higher number of patients. This did not only put them at risk, but it also meant long working hours.
Health protective materials are a priority in the fight against corona virus. Hospitals across the country are running short of supplies. To prevent deaths from treatable diseases, it is essential to give the workers the weapons they need to fight disease.

In a country that has not known peace over the last 6 years, there are thousands of casualties who need medical attention. But this does not mean covid-19 has given Yemen a break to deal with the situation at hand. Both government and well-wishers have to use the resources available to meet the basic health care needs.

You can also help in supply of more protective equipment to frontline health workers. Donate today and be part of the solution to the scarcity of supplies in Ibb governorate.

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