Eid Clothing

Today, the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD and Development team, with the help of God, implemented the first stage of the Eid clothing and food basket, by distributing the Eid clothing, food baskets, masks and sterilizers to the most needy orphans and their families in Sana’a, Sana’a and funded by businessman brother Mwaffaq Muhammad Wajihuddin, may God reward him (first stage) The distribution also included a number of marginalized orphans and their families.It is a humanitarian attempt to make orphans happy in these difficult circumstances and to put a smile on their face, so thank you to the working group on the project, and thank you for the supporter and the reward of God. We thank the ICRD team in Sanaa for exerting effort at this particular time in the quarantine time (Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobari, Eng. Abdo Al-Zamzami, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Sobari, and Professor Yazan Eiban Al-Muntasir) and a special thanks to the engineer Abdo Al-Zamzami and his children Muhammad and Ahmed who made a great effort in preparing and carrying out the mission.

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