Distribution of medical relief materials to counter the Coronavirus

Taiz and Marib

As a continuation of the Together campaign in distributing medical relief materials to counter the Coronavirus in Yemen, prevention centers were set in Taiz and Marib. Before then, the Aden governorate had received the health prevention equipment from donors. After Taiz and Marib, IBB and Sanaa governorate will also receive a share from the donations.

Taiz was the first district in the region to record a covid-19 case. Over time, the disease spread to other governorates in Yemen. Since the country has been going through 5 years of war, the pandemic added salt to the wound. Many families in Taiz and Marib lost their loved ones to the disease, while others went days without food.
However, the International Council of Relief and Development (ICRD) have heeded Yemenis’ call for help. Through the Yemeni American community initiative, most Yemenis have received donations. Besides, the healthcare sector has received medical relief materials to combat covid-19.

How will the Medical Relief Materials Help

The material will be of help to Taiz and Marib governorate hospitals. The health care workers will have a smile on their face as they receive the PPEs. They will attend to covid-19 patients while protected. As a result, they will feel safe from the virus.
Also, the medical equipment donated will improve the healthcare system in Yemen. Hospitals can be able to test people for the disease and also provide treatment. This will reduce the death rate of the Yemenis.

Thanks to the donors from the Yemeni American community in the United States and other philanthropists. Your work is not in vain. Thanks to the team working on the field helping in the distribution of the donations- may God expand your territories greatly. You can also be part of the donation to help the Yemen communities recover from the pandemic.

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