Distribution of COVID-19 health protective materials

Distribution of Covid-19 Health Protective Materials

Today, 24th August 2020, the city of Aden has received the preventive and health protection materials prepared by the Together initiative. This was supported by Yemeni Immigrants in the US and implemented by the various charitable organizations in Yemen. The donation will help to fight the ravaging covid-19 pandemics.

The immigrants understand the difficult moments Yemen is going through in fighting a crisis in crisis. This is because the country has been at war for the past five years. Through the war, thousands have been injured and lost their lives, while 3.6 million displaced from their homes.

The health preventive materials will be delivered in some regions in Yemen including, Sana’a, Taiz, IBB, and Maria. The healthcare workers in these regions will get protective materials such as PPEs. 

How Will the Health Protective Materials Help?

Yemen is facing disease outbreaks such as cholera, water scarcity, a weak healthcare system, and malnutrition due to war. Only half of the 5,000 Yemen hospitals are fully operational. Besides, there is low medical equipment and staff supply. The United Nations had also warned in August 2020 that the country would suffer a severe famine.

Therefore, when covid-19 knocked on the country’s door, it had not healed the war wounds. The country needed rescues like never before from well-wishers. As a result, the donations from Yemenis immigrants in the US boosted the country’s healthcare system.

The coronavirus prevention materials will help Yemen communities during this trying moment, especially to the health workers in the various hospitals. They will protect them from contracting the virus as they attend to the patients. Besides, it will help to protect their families and friends.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, donated, and advised. You have put a smile on someone. You can also be part of the donation and help Yemen fight the pandemic.

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