Distributing Preventive Materials from the Corona Epidemic in Sana’a

Distributing Preventive Materials from the Corona Epidemic in Sana’a

Yemen has reported over 2,500 cases of corona virus since it got into the country. Although that number may seem low, the deplorable health system makes it difficult for health workers and the communities to deal with the pandemic.

Medical supplies and protective equipment are limited in the country. War has drained Yemen resources and makes some areas difficult to access for medical support. Through this realization, the country requires humanitarian assistance to deal with the pandemic. The mortality rate is quite high in comparison to the number of reported cases. Over 25% of the people who have tested positive have lost the battle to the disease. The percentage is quite high compared to the global average. The primary cause of the number is hunger, war, and floods which have ravaged the country.

The International Council of Relief and Development has not sat back to watch as things happen. We have been at the forefront in providing the necessary medical assistance to the affected regions.

Our team facilitated the process of distributing preventive materials from Yemeni immigrants in the United States of America. We received the items through the organized charitable organizations as part of the (Together Initiative). The distribution took place in the capital, Sana’a, Kuwait Hospital, Republic Hospital, and Health Bureau. Thanks to the team working on the field.

Be a Blessing to the Yemeni Families

You can channel your donations through ICRD to assist families across Yemen to prevent the spread of corona virus. Through your support, we can distribute more preventive equipment, medication and food. The people need health diet to keep the virus at bay and overcome it if affected. your donation will put a smile on the life of a family that will receive covid-19 protective materials.

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