Complete the distribution of food baskets

The International Council for Relief and Development in Yemen, led by Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobari and his assistants, is completing the distribution of food baskets for needy families in Alnaderah district in Ibb governorate and Qataba district in Al-Dhalea governorate. In the second phase, more than six hundred food baskets will be distributed in the villages of al-Ashoor and Haddah areas in the Alawd region, funded by the International Council for Rights and Relief ICRD and Pure Hands Organization. Thanks go to the charitable benefactors of the Yemeni-American Community and other philanthropists from all communities and American society. Some displaced families who have been displaced from these villages to other areas will also be covered according to the available possibilities. Thanks to the working group and to the cooperating organizations, namely the World Council for Rights and Freedoms and Bashair Al-Khair for Development.

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