Complete the distribution of food baskets in Damet Directorate

Under the auspices of the director of Damet Sheikh Sultan Fadhel in the presence of the representative of the Organization of the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD and the organization of Yemen Aid Abdu Zamzmi and his assistants was held on Friday (February 7th) at Zaid school, completed the distribution of food basket for the displaced in the Directorate.
The project was launched yesterday in the area of ​​Maris, where the largest number of displaced people are located.
Thank you to everyone who sought to finance and implement the project in the organizations of the ICRD and the Yemen Aid and thank you the representatives of the local authorities for cooperation in facilitating the implementation of the mission and special thanks to the benefactors of the Yemeni and Arab American philanthropists and other good people of all nationalities.Share

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