Check the conditions of those affected by the floods

Check the Conditions of Those Affected by the Floods

Rain is a blessing but when it pours in excess, it can cause great destruction. Yemen experienced floods and storms towards the end of 2021. The rains not only made the war-marred zone even worse to access but also claimed lives of hundreds.

The heavy and devastating rains caused great tragedies for the population in various states of the Republic. Many died, thousands were displaced, homes and roads were destroyed in an unprecedented way. Currently, hundreds of thousands of families live in the open, from Tihama to Marib, Shabwah, Amran, Abyan and others.

The representative of the International Council for Relief and Development visited the marginalized neighborhoods in the capital, Sana’a. The people are living in shanties which consist of tin, scrap car tires, crumbs of stones and other simple materials that are covered by some turbines and other materials that do not completely shield them from cold or heat. ICRD distributed cooking utensils and bedding.

How Can You Assist?

These regions are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. We call upon the philanthropists to extend a helping hand, and we are ready to deliver it to the deserving.

Yemen is in humanitarian crisis due to the many years of war. The floods only made it worse and rendered many people vulnerable. The covid-19 pandemic has made the condition worse with the limited medical supplies in the country. But the battle is not all lost. There is a part we can play to salvage the situation.

Your donation will go a long way in providing a solution to the shelter problem in Yemen. Living in war zone with poor shelter or no shelter at all can be devastating, especially for children. Therefore, we need to hold hands and act in our little or big way. God is at the help of all.

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