Al-Khair Bakery Damet District in Yemen

The charitable bakery in the center of the Damet district of Al-Dhali ‘governorate, which belongs to the “Homeland of Goodness” Foundation, provides bread to displaced and destitute families and to orphans on a daily basis for years. It is clear from the demand for it and the dedication of its workers and those working on it, its importance in serving the needy without discrimination, and therefore we at the International Relief and Development Council (International Council for Relief and Development) tried to contribute to financing this humanitarian project, even for weeks. Of course, the informant consumes 60 flour Bag of wheat (50kgm) a month in normal days, and in Ramadan, more than 100 hundred bag of wheat flour (50 kgm), as confirmed by the brother of the good man, Saqr Al-Mursi, based on the foundation, may God reward him. Our modest contribution to them with 100 hundred bag of flour was Abu Sanabel wheat (50kgm), perhaps it helps cover some needs in the holy month and after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr.Thank you to Dr. Khaled Shajarah, the chief supporter of the bakery, for providing us the opportunity to communicate and contribute, and thanks to Professor Saqr Al-Mraisi for the fine deal and the tireless efforts he is making with his team of workers in the bakery in order to serve the needy. For the mission.

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