Charity continues in Yemen:

On the twelfth day of November 2022 AD, 97 school bags and supplies were distributed to the marginalized students, the grandsons of Bilal, in Asmaa Bint Abi Bakr School, Khawla School and November 30 School in Damt District, Al-Dhalea Governorate, funded by the International Council for Relief and Development ICRD and at the expense of philanthropists from immigrants in the United States and other philonthropists, in cooperation with the International Council for Rights and Freedoms ICRF, represented by the Executive Director, Engineer Abdo Al-Zamzami, and the Watan Al-Khair Organization, represented by Dr. Saqr Al-Muraisy, the head of the organization, and in the presence of the principals of the targeted schools and the Director of the Education Office in Damt, Mr. Mohsen Abdullah Mohsen.

It is worth noting that last September, school bags and supplies were distributed to the most needy male and female students, 165 in Abdullah Al-Zubair School, in Li’an Village,50 in Zaid Ibn Haritha School, Khalka village, and 20 in Al-Marefa School, Sana village, Al-Nadra district, Ibb governorate.

Also, at the end of August and during September 2022 , school bags and supplies, as well as food baskets (for the families of orphans) were distributed to male and female orphans covered by the annual sponsorship in the capital Sana’a and Sana’a governorate, in the Al-Nadra district in Ibb governorate, in Damt district in Al-Dhalea governorate ,in the districts of Taiz city, Taiz governorate and in Aden District,Aden Governorate Republic of Yemen. It is worth noting that orphans and their families receive the monthly food basket at the beginning of each month. Also, the poorest families included in the annual sponsorship, which is more than two hundred families distributed among some directorates of the governorates of Tar, Lahj and Ibb receive food baskets monthly at the beginning of each month.

Thanks are due to the Philanthropists brothers of Yemeni immigrants in US and other white-handed supporters, regardless of their social and ethnic backgrounds. Thanks also to the volunteers of the ICRD and members of the Board of Trustees in America, as well as the volunteers and members of the Board of Trustees of the ICRF in Yemen, the partner organization in implementation.

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